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Meet Jeff at Stress-less Anxiety Solutions

Jeff is author of eight books including 'Scratching Beneath the Surface: What can hypnotherapy do for you?' 

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Time to AXE YOUR anxiety...?

Visit me soon in our beautiful home in the Cornish countryside just outside North Hill, Launceston...and breathe in the calm!  

Is anxiety holding you back from living the life you really want?

Could you use a little more confidence? Are you feeling stuck?

Work with Jeff and when you deal with your anxiety you will soon find you can:

  • Overcome anxiety in new social situations
  • Eliminate the impact of panic attacks
  • Take on the public speaking with confidence
  • Deal with exam stress or worries
  • Release yourself from frustration and anger outbursts
  • Parent your teenagers without anxiety - but full of confidence
  • Go for that promotion

If this is YOU, then you can find out how to axe that anxiety in a few sessions, and live anxiety-free in your new liberated life...IT IS TIME TO FOR YOU TO CALL or TEXT....or sign up for a newsletter with your email below

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