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Our Story

From drama teacher, parent and coach to anxiety solutions expert... That is my journey as I found my passion in helping others to become who they were always meant to... and it is ongoing... Are you going to be my next success story as you finally live the way you were meant to? 

A solution for you...?

Happy to work in particular with parents of teenagers and their fabulous kids...dealing with anxiety that gets in the way of a fulfilled life....

An idyllic location in the beautiful Cornish countryside

Part of your healing will begin the moment you step into our stunning stress-less location...and then the magic happens in the dedicated therapy this your time?

Great reviews...

Listen to a couple of our happy and confident clients...see the testimonials section

Why choose Jeff?

Jeff Hutchens is a certified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Coach. As an anxiety coach he has had amazing success in helping teenagers, parents, and even grandparents find new release from anxiety and worry to live free and confident. He would love to release you to live an anxiety free life. He is author of eight books including 'Scratching Beneath the Surface: Find out what hypnotherapy can do for you'. For YOUR FREE copy, send me your email and contact address.