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What about anger...?

Posted on 16 October, 2017 at 14:10

Ever wondered why you get more angry with your teens than you ever thought possible? Have you ever wondered where 'all that anger' comes from - I mean it's 'only a room' and they have promised to keep it tidy... eventually! But your blood begins to boil. After the explosion, the fiery inferno, the huge confrontation you get a chance to reflect... where did all of that force of anger come from?

The chances are you are dealing with some of your past anger. Your powerful subconcious mind has linked something that your kid said with a reservoir of anger that was unleashed all over them. On reflection it seems unreasonable. You find yourself either apologising and getting a torrent of abuse - or worse; standing your ground and feeling like such a hypocrite and failure... sound familiar?

It is time to find a safe way of dealing with your past anger... time to take control... to 'sweep it onto the carpet' and deal with it... your time is now - if you want to?

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