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Your Wow! energy factor...

Posted on 2 March, 2018 at 7:50

Your Wow! energy Factor....

When things are not working as you would, and you find yourself low on energy - you may be misssing your Wow! This is not the kind of energy that can be made up with extra sleep - it is the kind of energy that could be described as excitement or is a spiritual thing.. and it makes all the difference...

The Wow! Energy has been known by many other names in different cultures and religions over many generations. – such as chi or shakti or even just the spirit. I discovered its power for energetic performance from Desmond Jones in a drama class back in 1990 and have been fascinated by its potential since then, and in particular its connection to our deep spirituality.

It is that inner spiritual love energy that changes you in an instant if you are open. It is always available, unlimited, and not linked to the usual bodily constraints. It flies in the face of negativity and creates in you a force of energy and enthusiasm that can even overcome anger, stress and anxiety. It is a channel of positivity and purity that allows for the greatest compassion in humanity as it comes from deeper inside; and it is so connected with others that it feels like the power comes from outside – from a power beyond ourselves. It is generous and caring, it is gentle as well as powerful. It is the best in your and me and I believe it is the key to living the stress-less life.

The Wow! is capable of unblocking past anger triggered by buried memories, allowing safe and positive release of damaged emotions that contaminate your present relationships and interactions. These blockages have many names in different cultures and in psychology too. They are triggered through the senses, and must be experienced and released through the emotions. The Wow! gives the power to do this safely and positively so that you can be healthy and whole again.

You can be healed and fully functioning and live in freedom from your past, with a positive hope for the future. You can build positive relationships with all who in your life – including your angry teenagers. You can discover your inner Wow! and live the stress-less life.


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